Bad Orders in the Crude-by-Rail Market

July 24, 2013
RBN Energy Network

Just like every other kind of mechanical equipment, rail tank cars require maintenance every once in a while. Valves can leak.  Linings wear down.  Railings, platforms, and brake equipment need periodic repairs.  And not surprisingly, the more miles you put on a tank car, the more maintenance it is going to need.  As the crude-by-rail phenomenon has grown, so has the rate of ‘bad orders’ – rail cars that must be taken out of service for maintenance.  Handling bad orders is a new issue for many producers and refiners just now getting their feet wet in the business. Everyone agrees that this is a very important issue, and the rail industry is not taking it lightly. Today we explore the implications of bad orders in the crude-by-rail market and how progressive solutions are on their way.

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